Testimonials - What our clients are saying

I would highly recommend the STAR Program and Innovision Consulting to any Club seeking greater understanding and insight into how the performance of their business can be improved.

- Cameron Taylor, General Manager, Para Hills Community Club

The STAR Workplace Program is an invaluable benchmarking tool and a great mechanism for measuring business performance and improving staff morale. Jeff’s friendly, jargon-free advice and reliable, hands-on back-up has been a life-saver. I would highly recommend Jeff Zadow and Innovision Consulting to any business owner.

- Georgina Flannery, OHS / Human Resource Manager, Copeland Industries

The STAR Workplace Program is simple to do and is a great process for engaging your staff and tapping into their ideas and suggestions. I would highly recommend it to any Club seeking a positive experience for their staff and greater understanding and insight into how the performance of their business can be improved.

- Ben Telley, General Manager, Eastern Golf Club

DiSC 363 for Leaders is an invaluable tool for improving leadership performance and I would recommend it to any senior manager. The process is simple and efficient and the 363 for Leaders Report comprehensive and detailed.

- Darren Chandler, General Manager, Commercial, Adelaide Oval SMA

Thank you for all of your valuable advice. I couldn’t have done it without you.

- Renee Molony, Manager, Finding Workable Solutions

The information obtained through the STAR Workplace diagnostic and benchmarking tool has been instrumental in helping us to identify priorities and to initiate change to improve staff morale and retention and been pivotal in making subtle but important practical changes to the way we manage our people.

- Barry Linke, General Manager, The Grange Golf Club

Roses are red
And won't grow in shadow
If you're looking for growth
Talk to Jeff Zadow

- Mackenzie Davey, Woodlands Golf Club

Our team at Yarra Yarra first undertook the STAR Workplace Program to identify areas to focus on in the year ahead and to encourage our staff to get more actively involved in improving the way our team works together.

The resultant improvements in customer service, quality standards, productivity, safety, communication and efficiency have been pivotal in the performance of the Club in 2016.

- Peter Vlahandreas, General Manager, Yarra Yarra Golf Club

The STAR process provided the impetus for us to examine our people and processes with fresh eyes, and the means to implement practical actions to address issues and thus improve the engagement, cohesion and motivation of the team.

We found the STAR process particularly effective in engaging staff and helping to foster a culture of team work and high performance, where people begin to actively look for ways to improve the way we do things.

- Andrew Kirkman, General Manager, The Lakes Golf Club

Since the completion of the STAR Program Jeff has continued to assist our managerial and supervisory staff to improve their management and leadership skills, through the use of DISC psychometric profile and by running professional development workshops.

Jeff's engaging and straightforward style and his wide experience as an educator and coach ensured our staff learnt a lot and took away some practical and applicable skills to add to their repertoire as managers.

- Rob Selley, CEO, The Australian Golf Club