Innovision Consulting provides a fresh set of eyes and an extra pair of expert hands to help you objectively measure and analyse what is going on in your business.

Using inexpensive benchmarking and diagnostic tools and processes developed through on-going market research we provide a clear picture of how your business is performing and work with you to develop a plan to address any weaknesses and exploit strengths.

We will deliver:

  • Objective assessments and national benchmarks to track your progress and return on investment
  • Development of a structured plan to improve your business with measurable outcomes
  • Straight-forward workplace improvement strategies that work
  • Access to vital knowledge and information at a fraction of the cost of an employee
  • Specialist support when you need it
  • Training and development of your team
  • Peace of mind with respect to compliance and risk management

We work with you to Maximize Performance

  • by helping you attract the right people and develop them
  • by helping you keep your team working together long term
  • by helping you develop Workplace Improvement plans
  • by delivering workshop programs to enhance team development, process improvement and client service
  • by helping you understanding your key staff through DISC behaviour profiling

We work with you to Minimize Risk

  • By conducting business health checks and risk assessments
  • By conducting audits of your business practices and compliance with Industrial Relations and Health and Safety legislation
  • By keeping you up-to-date on legislative changes through White Papers, the Quarterly Index and on-going research